Camille van Groll

Digital Project Manager

About Me

Hi, I'm Camille and I work in digital advertising. I graduated from HackerYou in 2015 where I learned how to code and made this website. I'm passionate about understanding how things work and applying my knowledge of tech to project management. Before going to HackerYou, I worked in restaurants where I learned how to manage clients, multi-task and work under pressure. I graduated from McGill University in 2013, with a BA in psychology and double minor in Art History and Communication studies. I currently reside in Toronto and enjoy living in the West end. Have a look at my work below and feel free to reach out if you're interested in collaborating.

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brain stem chess piece chess piece

I enjoy applying the concepts I learned in Psychology to my work in advertising. When I start a new project I always begin with strategy before breaking down the technical aspects.


I have experience working with a number of coding languages such as HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Javascript, APIs, WordPress and PHP.



I've comfortable using a number of project management tools, and enjoy working as efficiently as possible. I'm always looking to improve my workflow.


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